The best thing about now is that there’s another one tomorrow.

The Spectacular Now

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….then I saw love disfigure me
Into something I am not recognizing.


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I’d like to think there’s more to a person than just one thing
Shailene Woodley, the spectacular now (via niiiniis)


"I’ve only got one leg."
“Don’t be silly…”
“I’m not being silly…it got blown off in Afghanistan.”
“Poor baby…” she whispered. “I’ll rub it better.”
“Yeah—that’s not my leg…It’s helping, though…”

El mundo se derrumba y nosotros nos enamoramos.
Casablanca (1942)

Isle of Skye, Scotland (by _MarionK)


Isle of Skye, Scotland (by _MarionK)

"She auditioned for The Fault in Our Stars not because she needs the part (I mean, she’s in the new Spider Man movie, for God’s sakes) but because she loves the book. Her depth of understanding were immediately obvious in the audition and for me there could be no one else to play Hazel. (There were a bunch of really good auditions, but Shailene just understood Hazel as I imagined her.)” - John Green via his Tumblr